APBA Recycling Solutions = Success

As the threats continue, APBA counters the myths and junk science while also presenting its recycling solutions as the best environmental policy to address the litter issue. Through A Bag’s Life, Fight Bag Anxiety, and other targeted outreach campaigns APBA’s public educational initiatives successfully unite non-profits, businesses, community and government organizations around the common goal of promoting the three R’s— reduce, reuse and recycle.  As a result of our initiatives to date, less than one half of one percent of all U.S. cities currently ban or tax plastic retail carry out bags.

Whether you represent a plastic bag manufacturer, a part of the plastics supply chain or another sector of the U.S. plastics industry that understands your products could be next, you now have an opportunity to make a difference. 

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Recycle Plastics 365 - Pursuing Zero Waste

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