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The APBA responded to California's recent and misguided plan to ban plastic bags by announcing it would qualify a referendum. Learn more about the fight to help California consumers preserve their right to choose plastic bags and prevent grocers from collecting billions in untaxed profits.

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Statement from the American Progressive Bag Alliance on Plastic Bag Tax Implementation in Dallas, TX
To ring in the new year, the city of Dallas will begin implementation of a 5-cent fee on 100% recyclable and reusable plastic retail bags, a move that will not make any meaningful impact on the environment but instead jeopardize thousands of Texas jobs and financially burden consumers.

Statement from the American Progressive Bag Alliance on Submission of Signatures for Referendum to Repeal Senate Bill 270

“The APBA has collected more than 800,000 signatures from California voters and will be submitting the final petitions to county registrars prior to today’s December 29th deadline. We are confident the Secretary of State’s office will verify the required 504,760 signatures to qualify the referendum for the November 2016 ballot," said APBA Executive Director Lee Califf.

What the Entire Plastics Industry Can Learn from the APBA

Many of you probably already know the American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA) as a protector of the plastics industry – and with good reason. The APBA is on the front lines of plastics advocacy, most recently gathering the roughly 505,000 valid signatures required to qualify a California referendum in opposition to SB 270, the nation’s only statewide ban on plastic bags.

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