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Throughout the year, SPI produces a variety of webinars for its own members and non-members across the entire plastics industry. Take a look below for a preview of SPI's upcoming webinars. 


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Global Polymer Market Outlook
International Trade

Global Polymer Market Outlook Series

Throughout the calendar year, SPI provides a series of webinars covering the global supply and demand aspects of numerous polymers (i.e., ethylene, polyethylene, PET, PVC, PS, PBT, PC, ABS and Nylon). These webinars are done in cooperation with the subject area experts at IHS and are free to members. Taken together, these webinars provide an up to date and comprehensive picture of the world polymer market.  Click on the desired webinar to register to attend or listen to recording.


December 9, 2014
Ethylene and Polyethylene

Presented by:

Patty Long, SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association
Nick Vafiadis, IHS

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International Trade

December 10, 2014
America's Competitive Position in a Global Economy

SPI's Annual "Global Business Trends Report" will be released, and staff will present the findings during this live webinar. Learn what trends are occurring in plastics manufacturing and job opportunities, reshoring, affordable energy and other favorable policies. SPI President and CEO will provide an introduction, SPI's Michael Taylor will present the findings, and guests Cliff Waldman from MAPI and Harry Moser from the Reshoring Initiative will put the contents of these findings in context with other international trends. Read more here.

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December 18, 2014
SPI Recycling Committee Call
10 - 11am ET

SPI's December Recycling Committee call will largely focus on extended producer responsibility issues - especially because of inquiries and comments originating from the state of things in California. SPI will share what they have done to combat the issue, what members see in their states, top concerns and how the industry should respond. An introduction to the Committee's 2015 leadership will also be made.

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January 15, 2015
Sustainability Benchmarking Tool
1-1:30 pm ET

The SPI Recycling Committee is kicking of 2015 with the National Plastics Sustainability Benchmarking Survey. By the end of the year, SPI's goal is to have a landscape report describing how members of all parts of the plastics industry supply chain are going "green" in both their products and operations. The report will also be accompanied by sequential update webinars throughout the year. Read more here.

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