Operation Clean Sweep

Operation Clean Sweep® is an industry-led program that supports companies in their goal towards achieving zero plastic resin loss in operations. OCS was founded by the Plastics Industry Association in 1991 and is managed in partnership with the American Chemistry Council (ACC)’s Plastics Division.

Globally, OCS operates in more than 60 countries around the world, enabling companies across every region to commit to the OCS Pledge to work towards ending the loss of pellets, flake, and powder in operations. These companies represent the full plastics value chain, ranging from companies that make and distribute plastic, transportation companies that move plastic, and processors who manufacture final products.

OCS members demonstrate significant leadership in industry-led voluntary stewardship to protect the environment, preserve water quality and wildlife, and strengthen worker safety. Together, OCS can accelerate efforts to keep plastic out of the environment and within the economy for a more sustainable and circular plastics future.

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