Bioplastics Week

PLASTICS’ Bioplastics Division will host the eighth-annual Bioplastics Week from October 2- 6, 2023. Bioplastics Week is a social media campaign created to increase visibility for bioplastics by driving digital conversations via social media posts that feature materials such as infographics, reports, blog posts, and videos. Using the uniting hashtag, #BioplasticsWeek, presents an opportunity for consumers, brands, government officials, as well as the broader plastics industry to learn about bioplastics on a much larger scale than would be possible through individual posts.

Last year, our messaging and that of our participating partners reached over 2 million viewers! We encourage all that are within or impacted by the bioplastics industry to participate this year to grow our reach even more.

How to Participate in Bioplastics Week

Post on your social media platforms using the hashtag #BioplasticsWeek and tag PLASTICS if relevant!

  • Posts can include educational content about material or product innovations, applications for bioplastics, barriers and opportunities for growth, how to dispose of bioplastic products properly to keep them in the circular economy, etc.

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2023 Daily Themes

Each year, the Bioplastics Division identifies 5 major themes to focus on throughout Bioplastics Week. This year, we’ll be talking about…

Monday, October 2 – Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

There are numerous feedstock options that can be used in the production of plastic products. Alternatives to fossil fuels such as corn, sugarcane, waste vegetable oil, and algae are all viable options and typically lead to a reduction in the materials carbon footprint. To kick off Bioplastics Week 2023, we’d like to highlight the vast diversity of feedstocks available in the market today.

Tuesday, October 3 – End of Life Options for Bioplastics

A great chance to engage with composters and speak to the process of composting bioplastics as well as the current capacity for this in the U.S. Similarly, to engage with MRFs and recyclers to share about recycling recyclable bioplastics.

Wednesday, October 4 – Innovations in Bioplastics

From new feedstock markets to new polymers to new applications for bioplastics, we’d like to highlight what you are working on. We’ll also announce our 2023 Innovation in Bioplastics Award winner!

Thursday, October 5 – Policy Solutions (US and Global)

What policies exist today that benefit the bioplastics industry? How can new or existing policies further support the industry’s growth? This is an opportunity to share information about the policies the bioplastics industry supports and why.

Friday, October 6 – Be a Supporter of the Bioplastics Industry

The last day of Bioplastics Week is dedicated to sharing guidance and resources for talking to different audiences about bioplastics (e.g. legislators, consumers, brands, etc.) and sharing how others can be supportive of this industry’s growth.

2023 Partners

Along with our membership, we like to engage with external organizations to help amplify the messaging of Bioplastics Week. These Partners are companies and organizations that collaborate with the Bioplastics Division on educational content creation and develop content of their own to share throughout the week. They commit to participating by posting on their own platforms using the hashtag as well as encouraging their peers to participate. If your organization is interested in becoming a 2023 Bioplastics Week Partner, reach out to, Heather Nortz

To participate, follow the event hashtag #BioplasticsWeek. Post, like, and share content throughout the week!