Innovation in Bioplastics Award

Key Dates

May 22, 2023 – The entry form will be available, and entries submitted through Microsoft Form linked here.

August 11, 2023 – All entries must be submitted by midnight, Eastern Standard Time.

August 14 – 18, 2023 – All entries will be judged on the criteria listed under Judging Criteria. The winner will be contacted following.

October 2 – 6, 2023 – The winner will be announced as part of Bioplastics Week 2023.

All questions can be emailed to:

Heather Nortz
Manager, Sustainability & Materials
Plastics Industry Association

About the Innovation in Bioplastics Award

The tenth annual Innovation in Bioplastics Award presented by the PLASTICS Bioplastics Division will recognize one outstanding innovation in unique and creative applications of bioplastics materials, products, or processes by a company. The judging criteria are described further below. Completed submissions should be entered into this Entry Form no later than midnight, EST on August 11, 2023.

The award winner will be announced during Bioplastics Week, PLASTICS’ annual social media campaign to educate about bioplastics. This award, along with our other 5 Sustainability Innovation Awards, are recognized each year at either the Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit or NPE: The Plastics Show.

Judging Criteria

This competition is open to any corporation, partnership, or other business entity located within or outside the United States that is not excluded by the Official Rules. The same company may submit multiple entries for different materials, products, or processes, provided that a separate and complete entry from is submitted for each innovation. All applicants will be judged based on the following three categories:

Innovation is the act of being creative, introducing something new, and representing a progression of the state-of-art. Does the bioplastic material, product, or process truly bring something unique and groundbreaking to the marketplace? Examples may include: 

  • Does the bioplastic material, product, or process truly bring something unique and groundbreaking to the marketplace?
  • Use of new materials never before used in processes or products
  • Unusual combinations of materials in a process or product
  • Use of new material in a current product
  • Early applications of new process technology
  • First use of a particular process to produce a particular part
  • New performance features of a product
  • Pioneering applications into new markets

Does the bioplastic material, product, or process provide some measure of enhanced sustainability? Examples may include:

  • A process that consumers less water compared to a traditional process
  • A finished product that is thinner and lighter than a traditional product
  • A product that results in pollution reduction such as reduction in CO2 emissions

Does the material, product, or process have an impact on the marketplace? Questions to consider may include:

  • What is the potential impact to the marketplace?
  • Is the impact significant? If so, how?
  • Does the material, product, or process address a new market, or does it enhance the current market?
  • While there is no maximum word count, try to strike a balance between providing sufficient information and brevity. Consider that this application will be read by volunteer judges alongside multiple others and the information may be used in the press release or on social media.
  • Provide sufficient information about your material, product, or process to explain how it is relevant to the bioplastics industry. For example, new or novel biobased polymers might include what type of feedstock it is made from.
  • Include product photos, links to marketing brochures, and/or technical documentation. In the case of claims related to a form of biodegradability (industrial/home compostable, marine/soil biodegradable, or anaerobically digestible), technical information has been appreciated by the judges.

Congratulations to Our Most Recent Innovation in Bioplastics Award Winner, ANELLOTECH!

Anellotech’s patented Bio-TCat™ technology converts non-food biomass into benzene, toluene and xylene (including paraxylene used in making PET), which are chemically identical to their petroleum-based counterparts and result in a product with 70% lower greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum-based PET. The paraxylene used to make 100% bioPET bottles was made by Anellotech at its fully automated TCat-8TM pilot plant located in East Texas. The Company’s partners and collaborators including Suntory purified and converted it into PTA, then PET (using bioMEG supplied by 3rd parties) and finally into 100% bioPET bottles. Learn more about the 2022 award winner here.

2022 – Anellotech for the first 100% bioPET bottle, Press Release

2021 – Eastman for their Aventa™ Renew cellulose-based resins, Press Release

2020 – Danimer Scientific & WinCup’s First commercially sold straws made of PHA, Press Release

2019 – Novamont for Mater-Bi, Press Release

2018 – Danimer Scientific & PepsiCo Industrial Compostable Snack Bag, Press Release

2017 – DuPont & ADM’s biobased furan dicarboxylic methyl ester (FDME), Press Release

2016 – Club Coffee’s PurPod100™,Press Release

2015 – Eastman Kodak’s bio-toner,  Press Release

2014 – Teknor Apex’s Terraloy® PLA compoundsPress Release

2013 – Avantium’s development of polyethylene furanoate (PEF)Press Release